3. Command line interfaces

3.1. Principle

The astec distribution consists in a number of command line interfaces named astec_something (eg astec_fusion) while the experiment to be conducted (both data and parameters) is described into a parameter file (eg parameters.py).

Then, one only has to launch the command

astec_fusion -p parameters.py

to run the experiment.

3.2. Command line interfaces common options

-h, --help

prints a help message

-p file, --parameters file

set the parameter file to be parsed

-e path, --embryo-rep path

set the path to the directory where the RAWDATA/ directory is located. Can also be given in the parameter file by the variable PATH_EMBRYO.

-k, --keep-temporary-files

allows to keep the temporary files. Not to be routinely used.

-f, --force

forces execution, even if (temporary) result files are already existing

-v, --verbose

increases verboseness (both at console and in the log file)

-nv, --no-verbose

no verboseness

-d, --debug

increases debug information (in the log file)

-nd, --no-debug

no debug information

-pp, --print-param

print parameters in console and exit. A parameter file has to be provided (-p option). Allows to check the parameters that will be used before any processing; it is also a means to have access to the whole parameter list.